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Competition Scene

Competition Scene - Corey Cohen Introduction to Acting TRDA...

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Corey Cohen Introduction to Acting TRDA 045 9/30/09 Research: Jason , intrigued by the challenge, assembles a remarkable group of heroes to help him, including Hercules , Theseus, Peleus, and Orpheus. Their ship is named the Argo, so the group is called the Argonauts. King Pelias stood up in the hall and holding up his scepter he said, "O my nephew Jason, and O friends assembled here, I promise that I will have built for the voyage the best ship that ever sailed from a harbor in Greece. And I promise that I will send throughout all Greece a word telling of Jason's voyage so that all heroes desirous of winning fame may come to help him and to help all of you who may go with him to win from the keeping of King Æetes the famous Fleece of Gold." Narration: Jason and his Argonauts landed on the island of Kyzicos. They were welcomed by the Doliones and King Kyzicos. The Argonauts sailed off again on their journey for the Golden Fleece but got lost again during the night and accidentally landed on Kyzicos. The Argonauts could not see well at night and thought the Doliones were enemies and a fierce battle ensued. The Argonauts killed many of the Doliones including their King Kyzicos. The Argonauts realized what they had done the next morning in the light. Characters: Jason, Argonaut, King Kyzicos, Dolione Open Scene Jason and Argonaut land on island King Kyzicos and Dolione welcome them and hug it out After that Jason and Argonaut wave goodbye and they board the ship and leave Jason and Argonaut return looking around as if they cannot see They see the Dolione and King Kyzicos and start fighting Dolione and King Kyzicos lay on the ground Jason and Argonaut realize what they did, put their hands on their head Book I: Voyage from Iolkos to Lemnos and the Hellespont http://www.mcgoodwin.net/pages/otherbooks/ar_argonautica.html Pelias has received an oracle about a man with one sandal... He resolves to send Jason on a voyage full of suffering. The ship Argos is built by Argos son of Arestor (this is not the same as Phrixos' son Argos) with the advice of Athena.The catalog of c. 50 heroes (called Minyans or Argonauts) includes: Orpheus (son of Kalliope and Oiagros), Asterion,
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Corey Cohen Introduction to Acting TRDA 045 9/30/09 Polyphemos (son of Eilatos), Iphiklos (brother of Alkimede), Admetos, Erytos and Echion (sons of Hermes) and their half-brother Aithalides, Koronos, Mopsos, Eurydamas, Menoitios, Eurytion, Erybotes, Oileus, Kanthos from Euboia, Klytios and Iphitos, Telemon and Peleus (sons of Aiakos), Boutes and Phaleros (from Kekrops=Attica), Tiphys, Phleias, Taloas and Areios and Leodokos (from Argos), Herakles with his squire Hylas, Nauplios, Idmon, Polydeukes and Kastor (the Diaskouroi), Lynkeus and Idas, Periklymenos, Amphidamas and Kepheus (from Arcadia), Ankaios (son of Lykourgos), Augeias (son of Helios), Asterios and Amphion, Euphemos (son of Poseidon), Erginos and Ankaios (sons of Poseidon, from Miletos and Parthenia=Samos, resp.), Meleagar (son of Onineus) and his half-brother Laokoon, Iphiklos, Palaimonios, Iphitos from
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