Journal - Journal Day 1 Today was the first day of class...

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Journal Day 1 Today was the first day of class and frankly, I was a bit apprehensive about standing in front of a bunch of peers from GW that I did not know to act out my name. When Professor Keady said that we were starting to act my heart began to race a bit as I envisioned myself looking like a buffoon while attempting to recite Shakespeare or obscure lines form Rent. Fortunately it was not nearly as bad. I really liked the idea of using mnemonics for everyone to get familiar with each other's names because frankly, for a 16-person class it really helps the learning experience. I have gone through every single class during my GW Career without knowing more than five people's names and it is refreshing to know that this kind of opportunity is feasible at my college. That opportunity being the ability for a classroom to get intimate enough where the lines of communication get a bit more blurred beyond a Republican countering a Democrat over the recent health care debate-quite typical in the Political Science department. While we were going through each person's name I sometimes found myself drifting mentally and paying more attention to the pattern of names being said than the actual actions. Needless to say that was not nearly as good of an approach as fully taking in the breadth of the action with the name. At a certain point I stalled a bit while attempting to remember a name and I found myself digging into my memory bank to really pull out the name with the action. Another time I confused two people's names, and again, the visuals were extraordinarily helpful in my accomplishment of the task at hand. It was a bit of a reminder of when I was studying vocabulary words for the SAT that
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featured pictures, which definitely helped clarify the meaning of words in my head. Overall I am pretty excited about the class. My initial nerves have been calmed and I feel like there is a lot I can take from the class. Certainly I have gone to many different Broadway shows in my day and hopefully I will gain a deeper perspective on what goes into a performance, and how to evaluate what I am seeing. Day 2 Day two of class was a very nice segway into my morning. We began with a deep breathing and relaxation exercise and Professor Keady made some interesting points. At first I could not help but think, "What the hell are we doing?" but as she was offering explanations for why we do certain things and how they can negatively impact our physical and mental health it started making sense. For one, she could not be more right about us being encouraged to keep our mouths closed. All day everyday we have our jaws locked into place unless we are speaking. It is pretty miraculous the potential impact this can have on our health. Stretching that muscle from time to time can really help alleviate some stress and I will
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This note was uploaded on 10/13/2010 for the course TA 001 taught by Professor Keady during the Spring '10 term at GWU.

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Journal - Journal Day 1 Today was the first day of class...

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