Strategy - Bloomberg Campaign SMPA 155 Keller New York...

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Bloomberg Campaign SMPA 155 Keller New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg has been in office since 2002, and is currently running a reelection campaign against Democratic candidate Bill Thompson. Bloomberg’s campaign has focused on the strides the city has made since he was elected mayor, in addition to strong his business experience that will allow him to deal with the dismal economy and shortfall in revenue from the financial crisis. The big issue that Thompson’s campaign has been running on is that “Eight is Enough,” referring to how Bloomberg had the term limits changed on the mayorship so that he could run for a third term. Thompson’s campaign has gone on to make Bloomberg appear out of touch with ordinary New Yorkers, labeling him an elitist that plays by his own rules. One advertisement that the Bloomberg campaign has been running is called “Praise,” in which footage of Bill Thompson is shown speaking highly of Bloomberg, followed by the phrase “We couldn’t have said it better.” The footage is from a 2005 interview that Thompson had with news channel NY1. ( This is similar to an advertisement run by… Another is an attack advertisement in which Thompson’s record when he was President of the Board of Education is called into question-showing Bloomberg to have a stronger record on the issue despite having that much more on his plate. Although there are few advertisements to be found on Youtube, it is apparent that Bloomberg has not hesitated in smothering New York City with these poignant pieces-outspending Thompson by a 16-1 as of October 3 rd (Barbaro). That is one reason why we decided that it was unnecessary to air an attack ad on Comptroller Thompson. Another reason is that his name recognition already falls on the low end. In late July 2009 52% of voters did not know enough about him to judge his performance as Comptroller (New York City (NYC) Poll * July 28, 2009 *). We thought spending money to attack him would lend unnecessary credence to his campaign. Also,
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Strategy - Bloomberg Campaign SMPA 155 Keller New York...

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