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Culture and Identity Notes- April 15, 2009 MUSIC -Organized Sound -Aethetic -Sound vs. Noise -Tone Quality -Rhythm, Scales, Meters -Pitch -Melody -Harmony -Dynamics - Authenticity 2500 BC Sard Instrument. 2000 years old. Authentic. -Giuseppe Cuga di Ovaodda. Authenticity -Cultural Judgement -Condition of production and reproduction Functions of Music- conveys cultural information!!
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Unformatted text preview: -Entertainment, art form, ritual, relaxation, emotional state, religion, sets mood. Propaganda-Self-expression, communication, Socialization Faccetta Nera- Most Famous Facist Tune (Little Black Face)-Operatic Tenor: Carlo Buti-Women freed by the Facists. -Rhetorical speak to get Italians to think positively about African Campaign....
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