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Class Notes Soc105B

Class Notes Soc105B - Society requires everybody to becomes...

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Society requires everybody to becomes more self-disciplined. Society needs people to be more productive, more predictable and more control over their own impulses. DOCILE BODIES Genealogy: Looking for the transition in what culture requires from individual subjects. f. goes back to society and sociologys first story! The transition from premodern to modern societies (Marx fuedalism to capitalism, Durkheim echanic solidarity to organic solidarity) The thing to be figured out is what is social change all about. f .looks at individuals in the transitition in societies. Foucault studies the new individual in the new society. Books: 1. Discipline and Punishment 2. History of Sexualities Study of DISCIPLINE and the PRACTICE OF CONFESSION F. worked in structuralist tradition. Uses terms: technologies (organized social practices- training in the military bootcamp), practices and discourses. Discourses: labels, thoughts, ideas, definitions that help create certain types of personalities. *discourses is F. most powerful contribution to social theory -discursive personalities and sexualities. Sexual identity is not natural or given --> they are discursively produced in societies. DISCIPLINE AND PUNISH: Foucault Public Punishment of Individuals --> prison confinment. Earlier: Punishment was Public. Now punishment is private and longer term suffering. Punishment is example of indication of how punishment is changing of social control. Social control used to be external and dramatic. Punishment is for
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everyone else, not for them to encourage other people to act properly.
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Class Notes Soc105B - Society requires everybody to becomes...

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