Foucault2 - Foucault: The Modern Subject and New Forms of...

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Foucault: The Modern Subject and New Forms of Social Control -How systems of signs and meanings help control our world and our indentity -how power and domination are implicated in this process -pre-modern to modern societies. -How the “modern subject” emerged -“What new forms of social control and governance have emerged in modernity and have helped constitute modern subjects?” 1. The Structarlist Paradigm a. Culture produces individual 2. Focuault Vairation a. Discourses and technologies create modern subject i. Esp. disciplinary and confession 3. Discourses: Are word and languages but also systematic ways of describing speaking out and conceptualizing different phenomena. Organized webs of descriptions and understandings. Help give us our bearings in the world 4. Technologies: Organized and systematized regimes of practice, often institutionalized and imposed as a means of social control. a. Frequentaly involve machines and technologies but not always. They also include modern militarieis, rifles importance but also the system of trainings and systems of organization that are techonolges in themselves. b. TECHNIQUES!!! Systematic TECHNIQUES! 5. Modern Subject : Capable, self-disciplined, self-policing individual a. the rights bearing political/juridical subject.
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b. People have internalized the external rules forced upon them. c. Integrated systems of control into their lives GENEALOGY 1. Historizing the present. Present in historical context. Understand historical practices that give rise to present. 2. Denaturalizing our reality: our everyday practices ARE NOT GIVEN
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Foucault2 - Foucault: The Modern Subject and New Forms of...

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