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Frankfurt School

Frankfurt School - Frankfurt School Phase 1 Fascism...

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Frankfurt School Phase 1: Fascism. Authoritarian Personality- Patriarchy Phase 2: Mass Entertainment Apathy to Capitalism. Leisure time and Entertainment. Culture Industry Phase 3: Consumerism, Conformity, Modern False Consciouness. 1950 CORE ISSUE: CONSCIOUSNESS. -UNDERSTANDING OF ONE’S IDENTITY AND PLACE IN WORLD. Frankfurt Builds on Marx’s Ideas: 1. Estrangement- Alienation (Phase 2) 2. Fetishism of Commodities (Phase 3) And Freud 1. Instincts: Needs to Survive. Self Preservation. Food, Sex. 2. Drives: What Society says is the appropriate behaviors. 3. Pleasure Principle vs. Reality Principle 4. Sublimation: redirects urges- outlet. Invest urges elsewhere. 5. Repression: Ignore urges, deny, try to forget 6. Id, Superego, Ego. Erich Fromm MACRO (society) MICRO (individual) LINKED THROUGH FAMILY- Society produces families, families produce individuals in patterned ways, then individuals sustain and make up social order. -LIBIDINAL STRUCTURE- Parents teach children how to form emotional attachents. Patterned ways of forming relationships.
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