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Soc172 Notes #2 - Tuesday Lecture Notes Locating and...

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Tuesday November 17, 2009 Lecture Notes Locating and Relocating the Political - Social movements are political- How? -power struggle -Desires come forth -guided by regulations and political organizations, opportunities, resources (Political Process Model) ___________________________________________________________ _____________ -What’s political about a Carnival? (Bactin) -Negation between power relations between people -Laughing at the King in the play. By empower the audience to challenege the power strucutres. -OK TO UNDERMINE THE LEGITAMACY AND AUTHORITY OF THE KING -Carnival political because it gave people temporary sense of change. Think about different ways of living- REVOLUTIONARY AND POLITICAL! -Cultural and Politics intertwined- carnivals effect the culture. -A SECOND LIFE. -Carnival and Social movements: The people you are with feel the same things you are feeling and having the same desires you may want. Collectivizes worlds. Imagination. Practices of meaning making. -Not simply thought- its FELT! -you feel the different world. Alternative world. Affective Dimension. (article on the RAVES!) ___________________________________________________________ _____________ THE RAVE ARTICLE= Political. (Reynolds) -Collectivize. -AFFECT! Non-articulable set of feelings that are motivational and inspiring. -Alternative State- Off in lala land living their alternative world.
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-Spacial and Temporal seperation. Separate from ordinary lives and from other people. Space and Time Seperation! Scott: Malaysian Peasants -repressive regime. Use military force against deviant behavior. Kelly: Workers at McDonalds - people everyday are doing something to contribute to the movement. -People are doing it little by little. -Everyday forms of resistance. Why has there not been mass protest in the face of the economic melt-down? - Scott and Kelly : Scholars aren’t noticing the political resistance going on. Looking in the wrong places. Looking for LARGE SOCIAL MOVEMENTS> leaders, resources, concrete demands. That’s our understanding of resistance and politics. This is what we think a rebellion looks like. -Look at everyday forms of resistance. -Connect to Piven and Cloward: People’s forms of protest, tactics are those that are most immediate in their lives. ___________________________________________________________ ________ - Author H. Bey : He would agree that after every revoltution there is a reaction. New set of people come into power and then they are just as repressive as before. -
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Soc172 Notes #2 - Tuesday Lecture Notes Locating and...

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