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Soc 105A Notes - Soc 105A- Tuesday November 3, 2009...

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Soc 105A- Tuesday November 3, 2009 Rockefeller Video -Family Life, Beliefs, and building his business. -Took over 22 of the 26 Cleveland oil company’s- RUTHLESS BUSINESS MAN -Had a vision, no self-doubts and nothing holding him back from reaching his goal. -Had secret code- transformed an industry and the way Americans did business. -controlled 90% of the oil in the world -BUT his family life was much different: did not spend money on toys or clothes for children. -Interior of mansion was bare and not of luxury. -mother stressed service to others and living your life for god. Cleansing your souls of sin. -father- played with children and his son. Had a lot of fun with them -boyish excitement with family Loved to play games ____________________________________________________________________ - ROCKEFELLER PROTESTANT ETHIC IN THEIR LIFES: - ACESTICISM/FRUGALITY: No pleasure. Children raised on frugality. No luxuries. Making lots of money but not spending it. - THE CALLING: Mother taught to fulfill their callings. To live your life’s for God. Not just about the individual ego. For the benefit of the greater good. -Contradictions: Creating all this wealth but living frugally. Being a ruthless business man but a outgoing and playful friend to his children. WEBER: “IDEAL TYPES” in relation to “VERSTEHEN” - Verstehen: Understanding the meanings/motivations behind people’s actions. -Ideal Type : What would the most pure form of each type of action look like? -Look in the real world: what do we find? -People’s motivations according to types -The combination of 2 allows us to see subjective meanings behind actions AND to objectively compare them and make generalizations about them (to be a scientist) -See OBJECTIVITY IN SOCIAL SCIENCE -* generalize and compare and then think about it subjectively.
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-Other worldy acestism: don’t want to interact with this world. More concerned with their spot in the next world. _______________________________________________________ IDEAL TYPES a. Types of Social Actions a. Traditional b. Affectual c. Value Rational d. Instrumentally Rational b. Types of Legitimate Domination a. Traditional/patriarchal b. Charismatic c. Bureaucratic/Rational c. Types of Political Power a. Class b. Status c. Party ______________________________________________________________________ *** Weber: 4 types of Social Action: page 226 Calhoun *** 1. Traditional Action : Determined by ingrained habituation. Strictly traditional behavior. Imitation of behavior. Meaningfully oriented action. Repeatedly followed. Expected actions in social settings. Habitually Accustomed. a. SELF CONCIOUNESS : how we make sense of these actions 2. Affectual Action: Do things for affective reasons. Also meaningfully oriented. Uncontrolled reaction to exceptional stimulus. Determined by the ‘feeling states’. Action motivated by the way you feel- EMOTION! a.
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Soc 105A Notes - Soc 105A- Tuesday November 3, 2009...

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