Soc128i - Sociology Legal Studies 128i RACE AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE Study Guide-1 Please explain the Byron de Beckworth trials How many trials did he

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Study Guide --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- 1. Please explain the “Byron de Beckworth” trials. How many trials did he face and what were their outcomes? Byron de la Beckwith was a white supremacist who killed the NAACP activist & civil rights leader Madgar Evers in 1963. He was tried three times. In his first trial he was tried by an all-white male jury and the court ordered a mistrial. The second trial began a year later with a jury of all white men. The KKK engaged in demonstrations and cross- burning outside to offer its support for de la Beckwith and the defense suggested it was a witch hunt. Again, the jury was deadlocked and it was a mistrial. DA announced that unless there was new evidence he would not ask for another retrial. Twenty six years later he was retried by a racially and economically mixed jury. People testified de la Beckwith had admitted he killed Evers after the two trials. He was found guilty at the third and final trial. 2. There were notable “Miami riots” in the 1980s. Explain why they occurred. Arthur McDuffie (1946 - 1979), an African American, who was arrested for a traffic violation and was beaten with flashlights by six to twelve white Miami-Dade police officers, and the officers' subsequent acquittals, caused one of the worst race riots in United States history.They split his skull open and then officers had a patrol car run over his motorcycle to make it look as if he as in an accident. He died from the massive head injuries. They went to trial and the all-white jury found all police officers not guilty --> riots. Two years after, another Miami police officer was charged with manslaughter and the death of a black man. He was tried by an all white jury and found him not guilty --> more riots. Seven years later a motorcylce rider was shot by another police officer, he was also acquitted, but the National Guard was called out and prevented riots. 3. What is “embedded journalism”? Please explain. Embedded journalism refers to news reporters being attached to military units involved in armed conflicts. Also, Amy Goodman uses the term to define how mainstream media and journalists will often trade truth for access, that is, that media is often in bed with goverment. Journalists will cover for power and the american media is a megaphone for those in power. Mainstream corporate media is a propoganda machine that is both
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bought and paid for by the U.S. government. 4. Explain controversies regarding findings reported in the book The Bell Curve (1994). The Bell Curve is a controversial, best-selling 1994 book by Richard J. Hernstein and Charles Murray. Its central point is that intelligence is a better predicator of many factors including financial income, job performance, unwed pregnancy, and crimes than parents’ socioeconomic status or education level. Also, the book argues that those with
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Soc128i - Sociology Legal Studies 128i RACE AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE Study Guide-1 Please explain the Byron de Beckworth trials How many trials did he

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