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Soc128i- Tuesday November 3. PART 2 _________________________________________________________________ ______ Who Should be Allow to carry firearms? -law enforcement -military personal -private security firms -ordinary citizens ex: stolen lives project: more then 2000 “justified homicides. Kills by police - Non Violent Social Movements : direct action without use of firearms for social change. Civil Disobedience. Anything but use of violence ____________________________________________________________________ EXAMPLE: Kathryn Johnson- 92 years old. -she shot 3 intruders trying to break into her house. -Mistaken Identity: No knock warrant. -Police kicked in door. Johnson opened fire in self defense. 130 shots fired by officers at her. -Police planted drugs for cover up- they got the wrong house. -3 officers convicted of manslaughter and obstruction of justice. -Rights of Citizens to protect against government violence. _____________________________________________________________________ NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION- NRA -People have the right to own firearms. Founded in 1871. “promote shooting sport among youth.” “ensure that the financial support for firearm activites are available for now and ever.” -membership grew after WW2 by veterans and their families. -political activism: oppose legislations. Limit access of guns to citiznes -Police lobbying: 3 strikes and other punitive measures. -3 million members (video clip) ________________________________________________________________
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4 positions against hand gun control 1. Constituional Right to Own Firearms: 2 nd Amendment 2. It is people who kill, not guns. a. Gun itself cannot kill people. b. More punishment against criminals. c. Build more prisons and stricter setences (support 3 strike law) 3. When guns are outlawed criminals still obtains guns in underground market! a. Only an outlaw will have guns. 4 . Every jurisdiction recognizes JUSTIFICABLE HOMICIDE! a. right to self defend. ____________________________________________________________________ HANDGUN CONTROL INC. (HCI) 3 arguments 1. More restrictions on the ownership and circulation of handguns 2. Support for MANDATORY SENTENCES and sentence enhancement. 3 strikes 3. Recognition of the use for SELF DEFENSE. a. As long as controls don’t jeopardize the right of law abiding citzens _____________________________________________________________________ CORPORATE USE OF FIREARMS: private military companies - Black Water (Xe) o Hurricane Katrina. Protection of Private Business. o Guns confiscated by the police. o People’s right for self protection -BlackWater: Ambassador Paul Bremer (Iraq) -Protected by Blackwater in 2004. -4 Blackwater contractors killed in Fallujah in 2004
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Soc128i NOTES - Soc128i- Tuesday November 3. PART 2 _ _ Who...

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