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chapter one quiz - answers - -political equality 12...

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Sheet1 Page 1 chapter 1: 1 the belief that you can influence how your government acts is called -Political efficacy 2 what aspect of citizenship was most important for the ancient greeks -talking and debating 3 a service that a person needs but is usually unable to provide for himself individually is called -a public good 4 who said that the best government was the one that governs least? -thomas jefferson 5 according to the text, what is the main benefit of a constitutional government -the government is limited by the rule of law 6 who described politics as "who gets what, when and how"? -harold lasswell 7 the struggle of competing interest groups for governmental influence is called -pluralism 8 the bill of rights was designed to protect -liberty 9 the bill of rights is -the first ten amendments to the constitution 10 in american political culture, economic freedom mean -laissez-faire capitalism 11 "one person, one vote" reflects the principle of
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Unformatted text preview: -political equality 12 political rights are a protection against-the tyranny of the majority 13 what is the most important check on majority rule in the united states?-minority rights 14 the existence of slavery in the united states is a good example of how-american values are not always reflected in practice 15 the separate but equal doctrine was introduced in what supreme court case?-Plessy v. Ferguson 16 Plessy v. ferguson and brown v board of education reveal 2 very different visions of what political value?-equality Sheet1 Page 2 17 the constitution's preamble, beginning with the words, "we the people. ..," is an illustration of what principle?-popular sovereignty 18 the term "laissez-faire" means-leave alone 19 a government that is formally limited by laws and rules is called-constitutional 20 in order to be a good citizen, it is most critical to possess-knowledge...
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chapter one quiz - answers - -political equality 12...

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