govt 2301 ch 6 review

govt 2301 ch 6 review - & Chapter Review Understanding...

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&&&& Chapter Review Understanding Public Opinion Most Americans believe that, in a democracy, it is the duty of the government to pay heed to public opinion. Democratic government assumes an informed, interested public. Knowledgeable citizens are more likely to participate than less knowledgeable citizens. In addition, more knowledgeable citizens are more likely to support democratic values. Accordingly, a well-informed and knowledgeable citizenry serves the interests of the individual of society. To accomplish this goal, government engages in civil education by informing citizens how they can influence and shape government policies. I. In what ways do Americans agree on fundamental values but disagree on fundamental issues? Values and ideologies reflect a person’s basic orientation to politics, whereas attitudes (or opinions) are specific views on particular issues. Americans share a common set of values, including a belief in the principles of liberty, equality, and democracy. Presidential candidates frequently embrace such concepts in the abstract. Yet Americans find themselves at odds with specific applications of these principles. Differences in socioeconomic status, influenced by income, gender, or race, play a large role in shaping one’s values. II. How are political values and beliefs formed? What influences individuals’ political beliefs? The attitudes that individuals hold about political issues and personalities tend to
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govt 2301 ch 6 review - & Chapter Review Understanding...

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