govt 2301 ch 7 review

govt 2301 ch 7 review - & The Media Industry and Government...

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&&&& The Media Industry and Government Freedom of the press is essential for the preservation of liberty and democracy by publicizing abuses of power and carrying news of political events. The public depends on the news media to publicize and assess the claims of political candidates, to examine government policies and programs, and to reveal the wrongdoing on the part of government agencies and public officials. Since the Alien and Sedition Acts, politicians have tried to manipulate and/or intimidate the American media. The media are essential to political socialization. Even though thousands of media organizations exist across the United States, there is surprisingly little variety in what is reported among them. Americans rely less on network news and newspapers, and are turning to alternative sources of news such as the internet blogs. I. How are the media regulated by the government? How does this regulation differ between the broadcast media and the print media? In the United States, the government neither owns nor controls the communication networks, but it does regulate the broadcast media. American radio and television are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which was created in 1934 to grant licenses to radio and television stations. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 loosened ownership restrictions on broadcast media and encouraged competition among cable, phone, broadcast, and other telecommunication media. The law attempted to ban “indecent’ material on the internet, but that section was struck down by the courts. In recent years, the FCC has levied huge fines against the broadcast media for
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govt 2301 ch 7 review - & The Media Industry and Government...

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