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govt 2301 ch 9 review - & What Are Political Parties? In...

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&&&& What Are Political Parties? In modern history, political parties have been the chief points of contact between governments on one side and groups and forces in society on the other. Parties seek to influence government by getting their members elected to office. Political parties expand popular political participation by providing another source of access to government and government officials. Simultaneously, governments often seek to organize and influence important groups in society through political parties. The American party system is one of the oldest political institutions in the history of democracy. Liberty, equality, and democracy depend on strong, competitive parties. The Two-Party System in America I. How do parties form? What are the historical origins of today’s Democratic and Republican parties? George Washington and many of the other Founders deplored partisan politics. Despite the concern that parties were divisive, parties formed very early in the new administration from the Federalist and Antifederalist factions. II. What is the history of party politics in America? When the Jeffersonian Party splintered in 1824, Andrew Jackson emerged as the leader of the largest of the four factions, the Democratic Party. The party presented itself as the party of the common man and was supported by laborers and immigrant settlers. The Republican Party formed out of a coalition of antislavery forces and came to power as a result of a split in the Democratic Party in the 1850s. Early Republican platforms also appealed to commercial interests such as instituting protective tariffs. III. The United States has had six different party systems in a series of electoral
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govt 2301 ch 9 review - & What Are Political Parties? In...

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