govt 2301 ch 11 review

govt 2301 ch 11 review - & The Character of Interest...

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&&&& The Character of Interest Groups The framers of the American Constitution feared the power that could be wielded by organized interests. Political liberty paves the way for pluralism, which cultivates competition for influence among organized groups and interests. The framers attempted to limit the danger of interest groups gaining too much power by ensuring a plethora of groups would compete against each other for influence in government. However, not all political forces have an equal ability to take part in group politics; therefore, such competition may undermine political equality and ultimately undermine democracy itself. In this way, liberty and equality may be at odds in our political system. I. Why do interest groups form? An interest group is a voluntary membership association that pursues a common interest through political participation. Individuals form groups in order to increase the chance that their views will be heard and their interests treated favorably by the government. II. What interests are represented (and not represented) by these groups? The most common form of interest group is one that concerns itself with economic issues such as business groups and trade associations. Other represented interests include agriculture, labor, professional associations, public interest groups, ideological groups, and public-sector groups. Many groups are not organized and simply remain “potential interests.” III. What are the organizational components of interest groups? The key organizational components of an interest group include leadership, money, an agency or office, and members. Many groups are initially organized by political entrepreneurs with a strong
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govt 2301 ch 11 review - & The Character of Interest...

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