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govt 2301 ch 19 review - Texas Political Culture Entering...

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Entering into the twenty-first century, Texas finds itself at the beginning of a new era. Certain myths continue to define Texas in the popular imagination. But reality is a far cry from myth. I. How would one describe Texas political culture? Daniel Elazar created a classification scheme for state political cultures in which he uses the concepts of moralistic, individualistic , and traditionalistic to describe the political cultures of the states. According to Elazar, Texas can be described as traditionalistic and individualistic. II. What patterns of Texas politics reflect its political culture? Texas politics demonstrate a strong one-party tradition, provincialism , and business dominance. Political elites have a major voice in how the state is run. These patterns, however, may be weakening as the Republican Party increases its power in the state and urbanization continues. The Land I. How has the diverse geography of Texas affected its development? Texas is the second largest state in the nation and has four distinct geographical regions: the Gulf coastal plains, the interior lowlands, the Great Plains, and the basin-and-range province. Each region has contributed to the economic development of the state. Economic Change in Texas I. What are the three great periods of economic change that have defined the Texas political economy over the last 150 years? The Texas economy has been influenced by cotton and cattle, the oil industry, and the high-tech economy. Cotton is one of the oldest crops grown in Texas; by 1880, Texas led all states in its production. Ranching became a dominant economic feature in the late 1800s, with the development of new breeds including the Longhorn. The discovery of the Spindletop field near Beaumont brought the oil boom to
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govt 2301 ch 19 review - Texas Political Culture Entering...

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