govt 2301 ch 22 review

govt 2301 ch 22 review - & Interest Groups in the Political...

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&&&& Interest Groups in the Political Process It is not uncommon in politics for individuals that share common goals to form organizations that will attempt to influence politicians and ultimately public policy. Interest groups come under a tremendous amount of scrutiny at the federal level, but not in Texas. I. How much influence do interest groups have in Texas politics? What form does this influence take? At one time, it was claimed that business-oriented interest groups dominated the Texas legislature. "The Lobby" controlled the policy making process in Texas through political contributions, political pressure, and sometimes corruption. Texas has long been a state where strong interest groups prevailed-the Grange in the late 1800s, the oil industry throughout the early part of the 1900s, and the dominance of the business interests in the latter half of the 1900s. Interest groups not only represent business interests, but also professional interests, social groups, public employees, civil rights, and public interest groups. II. How do lobbyists gain access to policy makers?
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govt 2301 ch 22 review - & Interest Groups in the Political...

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