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govt 2301 ch 26 review - County Government in Texas Local...

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&&&& County Government in Texas Local government institutions play a major role in Texas. In 2002, there were 4,784 local government institutions. Of these, 1,450 were general-purpose governments (including 254 county governments and 1,196 municipal governments) There were also 3,334 special-purpose governments (including 1,089 public school systems and 2,245 special districts). I. How is county government in Texas a form of checks and balances? Does this system make it more difficult to govern? What explains the variation in the types of public offices at the county level? What are the primary functions of county government? County governments are the primary form of government for rural areas. As with the other levels of government, the county has a multiplicity of elected officials, which serves as a check on the officials because no one officeholder can dominate county government. A county is generally run by the county judge (elected by the county at-large) and a county commissioners court (elected to represent a particular area of the county). The election of so many officials creates a check on the power of government
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govt 2301 ch 26 review - County Government in Texas Local...

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