govt 2301 chapter 1 review

govt 2301 chapter 1 review - What Americans Think about...

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What Americans Think about Government Americans have generally been reluctant to grant government too much power and have been suspicious of politicians. Yet Americans have also turned to government in times of need or during periods of war. Despite this reluctant need for government, Americans are now more likely than ever to distrust government. I. Why has trust in government declined considerably in recent decades? Americans may think that government is an institution that does things to them and from which they need protection. Yet, many Americans want government to do a great deal for them. This conflict is particularly obvious in times of danger, such as during the attacks on Pearl Harbor and on the World Trade Center. Americans overwhelmingly support a h3 government during times of national peril. In the early 1960s, three-quarters of Americans expressed trust in government most of the time. By 1994, only one-quarter of Americans stated they trusted government most of the time. Trust in government rose following the September 11 attacks but has since fallen to levels more typical of Americans’trust before the attacks. II. Why is it important that Americans think that they can influence what the government does? Americans demonstrate a sense of loss of political efficacy—the ability to influence the government—that if combined with distrust of government, can produce serious repercussions. Long-term distrust may result in public refusal to pay taxes or comply with the law. Government may also find it more difficult to recruit and retain effective workers
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govt 2301 chapter 1 review - What Americans Think about...

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