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Robert Blatchford – Not guilty 1. Determinism: idea that all events are caused. Every event is governed by a set of conditions, which if duplicated will yield this event. Simple determinism is the view that determinism is compatible with free will. Hard determinism is a stronger thesis, which states that humans are not in fact responsible for what they do and their free will is an illusion. 2. Fatalism : events are predetermined by impersonal cosmic forces. Predestination : Events are predetermined by a personal cosmic force. 3. Blatchford: His theory is a kind of hard determinism. He claimed that humans are not responsible (or not guilty) for what they do. No free will. Heredity and Environment determine human behavior . Blatchford does not deny that humans make choices.So we have distinguish between "choices" and "free will." But he inquired into what causes humans beings to make the choices they do. His answer is heredity and environment. Free will is an illusion, even if no particular person forced another person to
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