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The_Buddha_4 noble truths

The_Buddha_4 noble truths - The Buddha Four Noble Truths 1...

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The Buddha: Four Noble Truths 1. The Buddha, the Enlightened One, set to find a solution to the problem of suffering, to overcome suffering. (In his own life, he left his princely life to become an ascetic in search of a solution to the problem of suffering). He discovered that suffering can be overcome by attaining Nirvana, a state of suspension of all bodily and mental desires which would lead to suffering, which would in turn lead to enlightenment. 2. Where do we find suffering? In life: birth, death, aging, pain, sadness, distress, distance from love, etc. 3. The 5 aggregates of grasping which lead to suffering: Form, feeling, perception, mental formations, and consciousness. Form refers to the physical objects in the world; feelings refer to the sensations (that which arises from the senses); perceptions refer to the cognition or awareness of sensations; mental formations refer to the emotions or dispositions to act based on sensations, and consciousness is the product or the result of the interaction of the 1st four. Note that as we
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