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Unformatted text preview: Descartes' primary goal was to find and establish ultimate truth beyond doubt and establish a foundation upon which all sciences could be built. He became aware that he had believed many things which were, in reality, false. He realized that, since he believed these falsehoods as a child, he built his entire beliefs upon them and could no longer trust the truth of the knowledge he had accumulated over the years. In his old age, he wanted nothing more than to reevaluate this knowledge and discover the truths of the facts he had learned and come to believe throughout his life. His method for accomplishing this was to "tear down everything and begin anew from the foundations" in order to establish any "stable and lasting knowledge. Descartes lived in a time when modern science was replacing sciences based on the philosophies of Aristotle and Plato which assumed that a reality exists apart from human sensations, and our senses put us directly in touch with this reality. He discarded the foundation of all his beliefs, which he found to be his based in his senses, and began at a "ground-zero". He remembered how his senses deceived him and that anything that has deceived once should not be trusted. He believed that anywhere he found reason to doubt a belief, the belief should be discarded. He employed this method of doubt in his quest for ultimate certainty. ...
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