philosophy divided line vs cave discussion

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Sheet1 Page 1 How are Platox s The Divided Line and the Allegory of the Cave related? Forms are non-material (but substantial) abstracts (or ideas) which possess the highest and most fundamental kind o In both the Divided Line and the Allegory of the Cave, Plato expressed the theory that the things we ordinarily perce The Divided Line explains how one comes to the knowledge of reality through the steps along this divided, segment e The man, a member of a group of prisoners who shared is dismal fate, spent his entire life chained in a cave, comp l e The cave itself is symbolic of the way people today live is self-imposed isolation, having little regard for others and r a When the man was taken from the cave, he experienced a kind of sensory overload His first reality consisted of non-material, abstract shadows, incomplete representations of the people who cast them Plato points out the great difficulties of such a man returning to his previous condition. Before the man was released The Allegory of the Cave is more or less a parable used to illustrate the theory of the Divided Line. It illustrates, as w
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Unformatted text preview: e Sheet1 Page 2 The objects we see are not real, but literally mimics of the real Forms. ectly which resemble the real things. eality. The Allegory of the Cave created a metaphor for mane s natural blindness as well as his need for education. ers could see shadows cast by a fire burning behind them. These shadows were the manr s, and prisonerr s, only concept of r e ur daily lives. The shadows in this story are taken directly from the Divided line created in Plato s play, as will be explained in f u the light was too bright for him to see the noises and environment was overwhelming, and the sights were completely alien to h ntered the second stage on the Divided line. As he pondered the differences between the mere shadows he had known and th e the loss of his freedom and all he had gained. how perception, experience, and knowledge (or lack of knowledge) changes reality for the philosopher as his mind expands to g...
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philosophy divided line vs cave discussion - e Sheet1 Page...

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