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intro phil discussion 8

intro phil discussion 8 - The belif is that until your born...

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What does "existence precedes essence" mean? several discussion posts to this question: 1. Existence precedes essence" mean the definintion is defined after the moment has occured or the presence has abaited. The freeform of man was established before characterization was applied, before meaning or substinence were alotted. The concept of birth before birth is defined, or a word exist before its definition conveys the came literal meaning and concept of "e xistence precedes essence ". 2. Saetre the "existence Precedes essence" belief is that you have to exists before your beliefs or morals do. it’s a true belief. When our parents were young its doubtful that they were thinking about who we are as their kids. When we are born we are a clean slate and know nothing. When we are young we have our whole lives ahead of us and we learn everything to make us who we are. We learn morals and laws and rules through others.
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Unformatted text preview: The belif is that until your born you don’t exist and until your exist you have no essence. its important to see that who we are is not defined by where your born or who your parents are, its who you become and what you make of yourself. 3. believe the “existence precedes essence” means that we have somewhat of an idea of a thing or person already and then create it with actual things or beings. For instance, we may think of a dog being loyal, friendly, loving, or annoying and when it’s actually present, we already have these thoughts of a dog so putting it together is the essence of existence. I’m probably not doing a great job of explaining, but I think that is what Sartre means when he uses that phrase. His words are well put… “something is created from out of the IDEA of that thing.”...
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