Vegetarian and functional foods quiz

Vegetarian and functional foods quiz - vegetarians c Iron...

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Quiz 5 1. A lacto-ovo- vegetarian diet includes the following except : a. Apples b. Celery  c. Cream Cheese d. Shrimps 2. Vegetarians tend to have a lower incidence of the following diseases : a. Hypertension b. Colon cancer c. Cholesterol d. All of the above 3. Lacto vegetarians consume: a. Grilled chicken breast b. Cheese c. Salmon d. Pesco 4. Vitamin B12 is found only in: a. Animal foods  b. Fortified foods c. Meat analogs d. All of the above 5. Vegans consume only: a. Legumes/vegetables b. Pesco c. Milk d. Eggs 6. Some of the advantages of a vegan diet include all of the following except : a. High in Fiber b. High in saturated fat c. High in complex carbohydrates d. Low in cholesterol 7. What are some of the disadvantages of a vegan diet? a. Finding a good source of protein for each meal can be a challenge, at first, for vegetarians.
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b. Vitamin B, iron, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals are a concern for vegans and 
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Unformatted text preview: vegetarians c. Iron and calcium are especially a concern for vegetarian women, who have to make up the iron lost monthly 8. Foods that contain Anthoxanthins include: A. Cauliflower B. Garlic C. Potatoes 9. Foods that contain Anthocyanins include: A. Blood oranges B. Fuji apples 10. Foods that contain Carotenoids include: A. Carrots B. Sweet potatoes 11. Define the term phytochemicals: Chemical compounds such as beta-carotene that occur naturally in plants; may affect health, but are not yet established as essential nutrients. Function as antioxidants, hormonal actions, stimulation of enzymes, interference with DNA replication, anti-bacterial effects, and physical action....
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Vegetarian and functional foods quiz - vegetarians c Iron...

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