Gabbie EDUUU PAPER - Samantha. She is faced with everyday...

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Stringer 1 Gabbie Stringer Education the Social Life of Teaching
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Stringer 2 Education is the basis of the American way of living. Everyone goes to school, and everyone has a purpose for furthering their education. Teachers are the back bones of the schools, and learn how to deal with different obstacles to teach and help the students. During the nineteen eighties students were distant from school and were getting in to drugs and sex. In the comedy film Sixteen Candles Samantha is a teenage girl who is sadden by the way that her family has forgotten her birthday. Samantha lives in a neighborhood where suburbia is the height of living for middle class families. At school she is living with the mere fact that Jake Ryan a senior has her heart, and is lost in the social oar. School is more of a non-social life for
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Unformatted text preview: Samantha. She is faced with everyday bullies in the school, the popular people in school, and she is obsessed with a boy who she does not know. Samantha is looking for more attention from her family and the boy she wants to try to impress. Yet, the boy she likes Jake Ryan is dating the most popular girl in school. Samantha comes to terms that she will never have a chance with Jake. The story surround sixteen candles include some of the elements surrounding education, and what a typical school setting looks like. Through a Chinese boy who includes diversity to the movie, popular teens that are the back bone to every cool party and the dress code which defines the life the teens live....
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Gabbie EDUUU PAPER - Samantha. She is faced with everyday...

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