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Gabbie Stringer August 31, 2010 ISCI-Schulte Plate Tectonics In the plate tectonic lab we had to use jell-o, and play-doh to construct our divergent, convergent, and transform boundaries. This activity was fun and productive, showing us how these three boundaries work, and what happens when a divergent, convergent, and transform boundaries collide, shift, and slide past each other. We also had to find out the definitions for all the words such as earth’s crust, earth’s mantle, earth’s core, the density of the core mantle and crust, and pressure. We worked in groups to come up with our findings of the experiments that we were doing. We first had to figure out if rocks float, which was and No. Then we had to put several layers of clay together of the same color and see if the pressure was changing, and but a ball of paper on it and see
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Unformatted text preview: if the pressure changed. For both of those questions we said no. Then we had to side on a pack of paper and see if the pressure was changing, and yes when you sit on a stack of paper the pressure does change. Divergent boundaries we had to make model using clay and the tray of jell-o, and see what the clay represented. The clay represented the plates and the boundaries. The jell-o represented the mantle (magma) , and we found that new oceanic flooring was being created. For convergent boundaries we had to make a model of oceanic-continental convergent boundaries using clay and the tray of jell-o, we found that it created new mountains. In transform boundaries we learned that the movement was not smooth, and the phenomenon that occurred along like fault was that they act like barges....
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