How do telecoopes work

How do telecoopes work - white board and slid it back and...

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Gabbie Stringer August 31, 2010 ISCI-Schulte How do Telescopes Work This activity seemed hard at first because it was only me and Justin to do the project. In this activity we had to make a refracting telescope and us and objectives lens and an eye piece lens. The materials we had to use for this activity were a white board for the light to shine one, a light source, and a larg black rulers that u could put the white board in so that it could slide, as well as, 2 different lens we had to use one was 200, and the other 100. We were able to skip exercise 1 so we went to exercise to and we were told that we had to use lens A and B we had to make a simple refracting telescope. We plugged in the light souse and placed the it on one end of the track. Then we put the objective lens in the middle of the track and played with the
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Unformatted text preview: white board and slid it back and forth on the track. We had to figure out if we could bring the object into focus. Just and I were having a rough time at first and just looked around to see if we were doing it right. When I looked around our track looked like everyone else so we continue. There was one exercise that we used a curved mirror lens which was really cool we passed it back and forth and we saw our reflection in it. The mirror was showing us one side is a reflection and the other side it just a blurred mirror. We found that the telescope could be replaced by an objective lens and that the mirror helps reflect the image and collect the light....
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