Journey on the Rock cycle

Journey on the Rock cycle - observation. There was a lot of...

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Gabbie Stringer August 31, 2010 ISCI-Schulte Journey on the Rock Cycle We were told that we had to work individually on this activity that we had to do. The activity was simple; on each table in the room was a cube with different topics that had to do with the rock cycle. Each table also was labeled clouds, mountains, rivers, volcano, soil, ect. We had to roll the dice that was placed on our table, and it told us where to go right underneath it. My first journey was to the river and the description said that flood waves caused redeposit’s of silt to flood plane. When I saw this I had to go to soil and so on. It was interesting seeing where everyone was clumped up at which was earth interior and soil. As we continued to work on our individual journey there was a pattern occurring people were barely going to the clouds and the mountains from my
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Unformatted text preview: observation. There was a lot of competition for some people who wanted to roll the dice there was no set pattern just who every gets the dice first. Then we developed a pattern and one girl did not realize the pattern was being formed and this is the same girl who was always grabbing for the dice. Once we were done with our journey we had to make a comic script of our journey and title it. My journey was called a Trip down the Rock Cycle. I drew exactly what happened to me on my journey and how rock do the same thing in the Rock Cycle, that we as everyday humans do not take notices of. This activity was fun and progressive. It got us up off our feet and we were not sitting down for the whole experiment....
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