Phases of the Moon.

Phases of the Moon. - chare I thought first quarter was...

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Gabbie Stringer August 31, 2010 ISCI-Schulte Phases of the Moon The phases of the moon activity had us go to Http:// and find out what the moon looks like when its our birthday, and the year we were born. In order to get the right kind of the moon we needed we had use the computers. Since all the computers were crowed I wanted to get my work done as fast as possible, so I was able to use my phone. I put all the information into my phone and found out that on my birthday the type of moon I was, was a first quarter moon. I am use to having a lot of people that I know with birthdays in October so I thought when she told us that we had to get in order of the phases of the moon that a lot people would be with me. Yet, I was . When we had to circle up I had no idea where I was suppose to go because when I looked at the
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Unformatted text preview: chare I thought first quarter was first, I was wrong again. Then I had to wait to see where everyone was going. I really learned the whole order of the phases of the moon when I looked around. It was interesting to see that I was the only first quarters, and how many more moon phases were ahead of me. This activity was an individual activity and did not require too much knowledge until the end, without looking we had to get in order, and I was the only one in my little one person group. So other people had someone else to show them where they were supposed to stand. For me I had to be told where I needed to stand which shows that I did not know my phases of the moon correctly....
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