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education paper WORK CITEDS - 'sschools 'safety "Therewillbe

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The Victorian Government says there is no need for alarm over reports of  violence  in the state's  schools . Figures show more than 50  schools  had to go into lockdown last year because of threats to students' safety. But Education Minister Bronwyn Pike says  schools  are just being cautious. "There will be precautionary actions taken from time to time across this very big system of ours, but I think that's the  right thing to do," she said.  "We want to make sure that parents know that   schools   are safe places for their children and that   schools   take  incidents very seriously. "We encourage  schools  to be proactive in the way they deal with these issues, and of course, to report those things.  "And the reason you're seeing these kinds of figures reported is because we encourage them to be reported." (c) 2009, Australian Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved. <"Don't be alarmed over school violence reports: Pike." (n.d.):  TOPICsearch . EBSCO. Web. 7 Oct. 2010.> Kids under 6 sent home for classroom attacks FOUR thousand kids aged under SIX were excluded from school last year, figures revealed yesterday. The tiny terrors were banned for assaulting classmates and teachers, bullying, racist abuse and even sexual assault. Another 400 as young as TWO were sent home from nursery schools for violence , vandalism and disruption. Attacks on classmates led to exclusions of 580 five-year-olds, 300 aged four,
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education paper WORK CITEDS - 'sschools 'safety "Therewillbe

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