Review Lab Exam #2 BIOL 2420

Review Lab Exam #2 BIOL 2420 - 11,., , ili,"i'; i', pk',A Z...

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11,., , ili,"i'; i', pk',A Z Review sheet for Lab Exam #2 (Microbiology, springo 2005) - For our purpose, we are only going to focus on the identification of gram-positi*'" cocci and gram-negative bacilli bacteria. - Sr.rpi;.i ioco;rtis bacteria are gl34:pe:ltlve, qe.gqlq shape, spphyb a{g::g9=en:. oxvgen r. anci tacultative an-aerobes (they can grow with or without - Srrepr,-.,-'. ...',-'ir-i iacieria are.-g14Lpol$ve' cocggq Jbgpe,-stlepto arranqe::.c::. a;:i I acuintive anaerq-bes' - The \1:;Co:rke) asar plate is a specific media that is used to determine u-herhe: r o;r unknoi.,., tu.t.ria is a *I3s-posil-ive or gram-negative baCfefia.''i t -.': .r!.-r. .. t jL,ief1.i-t - Iirhere is no bacterial gro\\1h on MacConk.y agar plate after inoculationQra-n and incubation. do 1'ou have Fiam-posiTi-ve,or gram-negative bacteria? - Gram stain is a technique that is used to confirm if your unknown is a g45n-pgsitive or glam-neeative bacteria; Uut rnost importantly Gram stain is ,*d ; .h. .t for ttr. .nqp. of your bacteria (sometimes it is not reliable to determine the arrang.ffi of the bacteria by looking at the slide under microscope). - Catalase test is an S ApbJpepe-c:rs b acteri a from S !lg!
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Review Lab Exam #2 BIOL 2420 - 11,., , ili,"i'; i', pk',A Z...

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