Lecture Exam 1 Biol 2420

Lecture Exam 1 Biol 2420 - Medical Microbiology 2420-Exam...

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Medical Microbiology 2420-Exam #1 (Chapters I and 4) Choose the best choice or mark "Aoo (true) or 668" (false) where applicable. 1.1n2006,8 year old Tyler after playing baseball in Ohio was hospitalized after having pain in his hip and upper leg along with fever. Which gram-positive bacterium was he infected with? a. Staphylococcus b. E. coli c. Salmonettq'lDhreptocoii e. HIV 2. Microbiology is a specialized science that studies all choices below except for which one? a. cell structure and physiology of helminths b. protozoans c. how microbes interact with living and non-living environment d. funsi ------a:-: qs€eIIJ) 3. Which one below is not a sub-science of microbiology? --'<-- -----\ @ d.foodanddairYscience b.tfotechiology e. immunologY c. genetic engineering 4. Bacteia. fungi, algae, protozoans, viruses, and microscopic wonns can survive where? a. only in lakes and streams b. in soil (dirt) and rocks c. in the air that we breath d. in sediments @ :----- _-/ t-\4icrqrs are the dominant organisms on Earth in terms of numbers and distribution' / a..tTruQ b. False { | /---/' \___-__,-_z 6. It appears that prokaryotes were the first organisms on the face of Earth. Prokarytoes have been around for approximatel i-zi',2 billion years 5. 3 billion years I "W a t\ 1L/ I '7- \' 1 l'-t 44 ^5 \1 Z( ./ r'l 't 0 )1 t{ _1Ll I vo I i, Ll \U\ /^ q u/ 11 ' .a\ qu ryD d.4Zbilliffiyears e. none ofthe above 11-
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Z>lt-app<ts that plants and animals are successful products of coevolution with microbes. ( a. True \ b. False \=-'------') 9. Which one below is not a re-ason why we should study microbes? a..They are useful in biomedical research. b. Theyprovide oxygen by photosynthesis. . lakes, and atmosphere. -=\ 10. In the United States todav. a person is most likely to die of what? 8. There are more disease-causinp.aqicro\es that can harm plants and animals than there are beneficial microbes. a. True \++y) a. stroke , b. cancer - c. diabetes(d, heart disease, ".accidents today, a person is more likely to die of what? c. cancer d. respiratory infection " G;;oo"ul.\ --=__.--__, 12. According to W.H.O. in 2008, people rvorldwide were more likely to die from what type of infectious disease? a. HIV/AIDS b. tuberculosis c. diarrheal disease('O.l.rpl."i"-.\ e. hepatitis B \:_ -____----:=_.-_/ 11. Considering worldwide deaths a. tuberculosis b. HIV/AIDS 13. Which choice below is not a reason to support why death rates are up in the U.S.? a.heart disease and cancer may be induced by microbes b. people traveling from other countries unknorvingly spread diseases c. ill people are staying alive longer to spread disease What are the maior differences befiveen a cell and a eukarvotic cell? b. eukaryotic cell\has
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Lecture Exam 1 Biol 2420 - Medical Microbiology 2420-Exam...

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