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L \Iicrobioloq, Termr =l Steining 6 \ ('ep morphotoqi i:r;\- o: inlir iduai bacterial cells are mostly either coccus, rod- .l-:j-.1. :'l -:-. .. -::.-':;it \elsctn c n*edirs .::'r-sr11 egat that has an antibiotic, high salg bile salts, or dye ;. ::{.,::i:. ... 3i.fc-,1 i-: cr*-*ourages the growth of particular bacteria while inhibiting the .:: -*'---. i ,li,"i?: (-omplcr o<dirm - microbial food made with meat extracts but the percentage of proteins or -a= ':'. '--31i': -S ::ni.:ro$n for example nutrientagar Diffe*ariel medi:a-media used to detect carbohydrate fermentation or enzyme release by j : I I ::-;:.1 -:r. .:i :i:,.-i haCtefia *rptk terhni<1ue--precautions taken by the health care worker to stop microbial ;. :'i:: -i-i:: :- en.i int-ection and prevent the spread of microbes from person-to-person or from :r--r'i-l *-'.-:\snml-nl or from person-to-equipment in the lab or hospital setting \terilr i ' r:icrobes including endospores are present \ririt;,-tion-use of high heat (121'C) to
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