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L Ilicrobiologr Terms =3 Bright Field l-ight \licroscope Parts rvith Functions and Principles of Microscopy Bright Field l-ight \{icroscope-a tool that uses visible light spectrum to see tiny living .:: :-. -:---.1', rng specimens \pc.cimen-anv living or physical thing that is being viewed under the microscope l.r epiece (binocularsFused to resolve specimens; has a 10x magnification Rotatable head n'ith lockscrew-used to move binoculars left or right and locks in r :i: i \trri--. Don't pick up microscope using this part! It may fall off and break.) \orr.piece rr ith .{ objective lenses-used to rotate objective lens into place over il:i-a-.r-I"] -lr magnification objective lens-used to search for and resolve specimen from - - - :. --:.- -rd and provides a very broad view of specimen within the context of the glass -,-*; -:;kground: has lowest numerical aperture i r.tr magnification objective lens-resolves organelles in cell specimen irrr magnification objective lens-resolves organelles with more detail
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