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Unformatted text preview: ,.J -lp ( r:L '+" rl tt at"€ i'tt n't a; c,! r {' '."t .:i st,zr ,V,fr# ,Si;:.!;,5, .t;ti"u {a''-t'' " [email protected] ag?r {48) - Differential based on hemolysis, breakdow-n of hemogtob in.'i' k ci : ' ' '1. ,'.' ,. ,',, '' '-' ' [email protected]: incomplete breakdown of hemoglobin; leads tolgreeliingiof medium; Streptococcus'bows @l.omplete breakdown of hemogloSinf-affi-g'\of mf,i'4I-* Streptococcus pyogen{ - t* : ' Gamma or non-hemolytic; no hemolysins present;lnoTh*gg)in medium; Enterococcui fuecalis li) MSA_(18) - Mannitol SaltAgal, for isolation and differentiaUon of Staphylococcasspecies iential- mannitot zugur. rermeniation i+ j u, i s,r-|inl- i-'t'-t-hli;;rtj .litr+ i,a, {tt;t'l qi'"} ,SeleCtiVe _ 7.5olo NaCl t * ':':u:ii ' f 1':,L Y74 i t.,, pH Indicator- phenol red ! " t 'i -'iir ' - "'';1.-:^,.,)..-t. Flr nrttrkittr,.alr; .,I Yellow=acidic-(+)formannitol fermentatiodt "':''i"'.g t:;; /utrl ly,,.,,,:.!(t,,1' ; ,s Orange/red = neutral, no reaction i.t,t,tCk ('q u v1': ih -t, ,+a i', ,,t 5' ,...
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