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Primary Media Guide_0001 - Guide for Gram (-) Media flg fpf...

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Unformatted text preview: Guide for Gram (-) Media flg fpf g;(16) - Eosin Methylene Blue Agar - used to isolate Gram negative bacteria (fecal coliforms) I --Selective - eosin; methylene blue; {yes are inhibitory to Gram + organisms Differential-lactose i#t) ^lo,[ i-iri-: Metallic green/blue black colonies-t(+; vigorous lactose fermentors, acidic Dark Purple - (+) slower fermentors acidic Light pinlVcolorless - (-) not fermenting f. coii appears as blue-black colonies with a metallic green sheen ii) Phenol Red Broths (57) - used to determine carbohydrate fermentation with or without gas production (Durham tube); tubes are read as: A for acid (yellow) - (+) for carbohydrate fermentation NR for no reaction K for alkaline (pink) - (-) for carbohydrate fermentation G for gas (trapped bubbles in the Durham tube) Reversion - best to read tubes 18-24 hours. iii) SIM tube-s-{76 , 60, 67) - Sulfide, Indole, Motility Wrogensu|fideproduction|eadstob|ackeningofmedium Black = (+) H2S No black = (-) H2S Indole is a by-product of the breakdown of tryptophan Reagent - Kovac's, red layer = (+) Indole is present, yellow layer = (-) Indole not present Motility - determined by cloudiness away from the stab line Example of how to write the reaction: S+ I+ M- iv) Urea Broth (79) - Differential- Enzyme test Media contains urea. An organism producing the enzyme urease will break down the urea into ammonia and carbon dioxide. This gives the media an alkaline pH. pH Indicator: phenol red Hot pink = (+) for urease peach = (-) for urease v) Phenylalanine slant (74) - Differential - Enzyme test Media contains the amino acid phenylalanine. An organism producing phenylalanine deaminase (PDase) will deaminate the phenylalanine and this produces ammonia and phenyl pyruvic acid. The addition of a reagent (l0o/o FeCl3) will cause a green color...
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Primary Media Guide_0001 - Guide for Gram (-) Media flg fpf...

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