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Homework Questions -- CHAPTER 14-15-16-17 Answer all questions Due by class time on Monday 4/26/04. 100 point maximum! 1. Describe some of the explanations offered for the development of gender identity disorder. 2. What are some similarities among the fetishes and paraphilias? Do these conditions share a common etiology? 3. Describe contemporary therapy for rape victims. Do these treatments share any similarities with therapy for rape perpetrators? 4. Describe the human sexual response cycle. How is this cycle affected by the spectator role? 5. How do disorders of under-control differ from learning disabilities? Are there any possible similarities? 6. What are some reasons that autistic children score low on intelligence tests? 7. Describe the classifications of mental retardation. What is the utility of such a range, and how has the position of the American Association of Mental Retardation changed this position?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Compare the etiology of mental retardation with the etiology of autism. 9. Describe cohort effects and time-of-measurement effects. How do these issues figure in research with older adults? 10. Distinguish between dementia and delirium. 11. How would a practitioner distinguish between delusional disorder, delirium, and paraphrenia in an older adult? 12. What have been some of the limitations in community psychology interventions, and how might these limitations be overcome? 13. Discuss three factors that have been involved in the development of the insanity defense. 14. How do civil and criminal commitment differ, and under what conditions would each be utilized? We need to cover these questions in the course!!!!!...
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