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TEST 4 Abnormal Psychology__ 1. The label "transsexualism" is most appropriate for which of the following? a. Claudette feels, inside herself, that she is really a male. b. Bob is sexually aroused by dressing in female clothing. c. Toni has both male and female sex organs. d. Bradley, age six, acts and plays like a girl. 2. Jim enjoys wearing women's clothing, and will do so when he is certain no one will discover his behavior. In order to meet criteria for gender identity disorder, he would also have to a. experience sexual gratification from his behavior. b. feel that he is actually enacting a behavior consistent with his inner gender. c. seek other men who enjoy dressing as women. d. all of the above would allow Jim to meet criteria for gender identity disorder. 3. In the Green and Fleming (1990) review, which of the following factors was not found to predict successful adjustment following sex- reassignment surgery? a. high expectations for the surgery b. emotional stability c. psychotherapy d. all of the above choices are correct 4. Child molesters frequently deny that they are forcing themselves on the victim because a. they leave no physical marks. b. they threaten the child to deny the incident. c. there is rarely physical force, but instead coercion. d. the child may not understand the significance of being molested 5. Voyeurs (peeping Toms) are typically a. disturbed, confused, and do not understand social codes. b. angry, violent, controlling, and hostile toward women generally. c. rigidly moralistic, ashamed of their uncontrollable sexual urges. d. young, submissive, and fear direct sexual encounters with women. 6. The current thinking regarding the biological theory of paraphilias suggests a. a strong genetic contribution b. the disposition toward paraphilias resides in the limbic system c. a minor role for hormonal dysregulation d. biological factors are associated with alcohol use, which leads to paraphilias 7. Bryant, as part of his treatment for commiting incest, was trained to experience empathy for his victims. He was likely receiving a. object-relations psychodynamic therapy b. behavioral therapy c. cognitive therapy d. family therapy 8. Elizabeth is slipping into her nightgown and watching her husband get into bed. She is fantasizing about what they will soon be doing together. In which phase of the human sexual response cycle is Elizabeth at this moment? a. resolution b. orgasm c. appetitive d. excitement
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9. Elizabeth is beginning to feel aroused from direct physical contact with her husband. The change in blood flow to her genital area is referred to as a. resolution b. tumescence c. appetitive response d. engorgement 10. Which has been offered as a possible cause of female orgasmic disorder? a. trying too hard to please one's
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Test4answersFinal - TEST 4 Abnormal Psychology_ 1. The...

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