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Final draft Abnormal PsychologyPlace Answers on SCANTRON and Essay on 1 page Turn in Wednesday. 1. Abnormal psychology primarily a. consists of identifying paradigms to describe mental illness b. involves refining terms for describing mental illness c. revolves around understanding the etiology and maintenance of mental illness d. utilizes tools for diagnosing mental illness 2. Only psychiatrists can a. diagnose mental illness b. conduct research c. conduct psychotherapy d. prescribe medication 3. The first theory of deviant behavior attributed the behavior to a. demonic possessions b. dysfunctional learning experiences c. excessive black bile d. hypochondria 4. Early asylums were developed a. to isolate socially undesirable people b. to protect people from the inquisition c. after the discovery of syphilis d. in conjunction with the somatogenic hypothesis 5. Moral treatment involved a. herbal remedies that may have been toxic b. fighting social inequities c. treatment directed toward the individual d. religious guidance 6. Milieu therapy in modern mental hospitals involves a. a controlled environment wherein the effects of medication may be observed b. intensive individual psychotherapy c. setting up the entire hospital as a therapeutic community d. regular family involvement 7. Which paradigm is currently most dominant for explaining abnormal behavior? a. behavioral b. psychoanalytic c. biological d. an integrative paradigm 8. When one chooses a paradigm to understand abnormal behavior, it a. has little effect on clinical practice b. leads to an overly narrow perspective c. is generally too narrow in focus d. aids in organizing one's conceptualization of defining, examining, and treating abnormal behavior 9. Mental disorders are likely the result of a. an abundance of receptors on the postsynaptic neuron b. excesses of different neurotransmitters, such as dopamine c. deficiencies in different neurotransmitters, such as serotonin d. any of the above 10. According to the biological paradigm, a. Eventually mental illness will be prevented b. non-biological interventions will soon be obsolete c. treatments that alter bodily functioning can improve mental illness d. mental illnesses are socially constructed and likely not due to biological dysfunction 11. The psychoanalytic paradigm rests upon the assumption that psychopathology is the result of a. incomplete superego development b. unconscious conflicts c. ego defense mechanisms d. overcontrol of the pleasure principle
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12. Carl Jung proposed that all people has a repository of information that allows for an understanding of our ancestors. This is called the a. personal unconscious. b. collective unconscious. c. cathexis.
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AbnormalpsychologyFinal - Final draft Abnormal...

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