Take Home Exam 2 - Natalie McElhany CNE 564 - Exam II 1. I...

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Unformatted text preview: Natalie McElhany CNE 564 - Exam II 1. I believe Robertos statement indicate a combination of both physical and emotional feelings. He seems frustrated and angry that he doesnt know what Edie wants yet hes talking about loving her. At the same time he is speaking loudly and banging his fist on the table, physical signs of emotion. His feelings are both overt and covert. Roberto is expressing his love for Edie and even says he said all this to her. However, his frustration about what more he can do is just an inference on my part. He seems angry and frustrated to me but, if true, these feelings are covert because he does not express them. I believe it is positive that Roberto is expressing his love for Edie but I think there is much more that he is not expressing which is negative. His loud voice and banging his fist are negative. I believe the cover feelings are intense, the frustration and anger, as evidenced by his load voice and fist banging. He really seems intense in making his case. Hes desperately trying to convince the counselor of his love for Edie. I do not see any indication of Robertos awareness of the nature of his feelings. His expression of love is incongruent with his non-verbal body language because he is talking about loving Edie but speaking loudly and banging his fist as if he was angry. Additionally, I do not think he is aware that his emotions are incongruent. If Roberto expresses his love at home in the same way, Edie may be confused because of the mixed messages. These kinds of mixed messages could be harmful to a relationship. Goals: Pay attention to the words hes using to describe his feeling, such as love for Edie, and his non verbal behavior such as speaking loudly and banging the table. Recognize his physical feelings that accompany his emotional feelings. Become aware of the incongruence that may be confusing his family and adding to the problems. 2. In our pre-practicum session on Monday I made a statement concerning my anxiety about the class and the camera and feeling like I was under a microscope. I really dont like attention and I dont like having the spotlight on myself. We discussed my feelings associated with this. The feeling was nervousness, anxiety, and fear. This feeling I was expressing was emotional and physical. It was physical because along with my feelings were physical indications of nervousness such as tense muscles, sweaty hands, bushing, and an overall feeling of uneasiness evident in my body language. In this specific case on Monday, the feeling was overt because I expressed it to my counselor. In addition, she noticed the physical signs of my anxiety about being in that situation. However, sometimes when I am nervous about something I will not express that fear. Most times these feelings for me are covert. I do not believe that most people know how nervous I am in certain situations and I usually dont make my feelings known. The feelings were definitely negative because they hold me back from really being successful, as...
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Take Home Exam 2 - Natalie McElhany CNE 564 - Exam II 1. I...

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