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SOLUTION-BASED BRIEF THERAPY Seligman, Chapter 22 2/10/2005 Solution-Based Brief Therapy 2 SOLUTION-BASED BRIEF THERAPY Social Constructivism: The ways in which people make meaning in social relationships •Created a shift in both individual and family therapies 2/10/2005 Solution-Based Brief Therapy 3 SOLUTION-BASED BRIEF THERAPY Emphasizes identifying solutions • Figures out how to reach those solutions • Progress is measured by results 2/10/2005 Solution-Based Brief Therapy 4 SBBT, cont Similar to Reality Therapy –Emphasis on behavior change as the most –Value planning –Seek to build on successes –De-emphasis on past –Place importance on therapist’s role in promoting positive change 2/10/2005 Solution-Based Brief Therapy 5 SBBT KEY PEOPLE Steve deShazer •In sooK im Be rg • W. H. O’Hanlon • Michelle Weiner-Davis 2/10/2005
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2/10/2005 Solution-Based Brief Therapy 7 DEVELOPMENT OF SBBT Brief therapy project of Mental Research –Problems viewed as difficulties between people; not within person –Reframing gave client new way of looking at problem • Brief psychodynamic psychotherapy –Identifying a focal concern helps narrow & streamline the therapeutic process 2/10/2005 Solution-Based Brief Therapy 8 DEVELOPMENT OF SBBT • Milton Erickson, influenced work at Mental Research Institute –Practiced from 1920’s to 1970’s –Utilization Approach •People are more likely to be responsive to treatment if therapist accepts what client presents, & focuses on observable behavioral interactions in present •Turned liabilities into assets 2/10/2005 Solution-Based Brief Therapy 9 DEVELOPMENT , cont. • Behavioral & cognitive behavioral approaches provide underpinning –Focus on & change present actions & thoughts –Extensive repertoire of interventions • Systems family therapy – Minuchin et al –Reciprocal relationships important –Pay attention to client’s social systems 2/10/2005 Solution-Based Brief Therapy 10 DEVELOPMENT , cont. • Steve de Shazer, head of Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee –Use of miracle question –Decision tree to determine which intervention to use with a client –Creative use of clues or suggested tasks to help people find solutions –Reflecting team 2/10/2005 Solution-Based Brief Therapy 11 DEVELOPMENT , cont. – Help people focus on future goals & determine steps to reach them – Focus on how problems will be solved – Create images of what might be – Raise awareness of potentials – Small changes are seen as stepping stones to larger ones – Understanding follows rather than precedes behavior change 2/10/2005 Solution-Based Brief Therapy 12 DEVELOPMENT , cont. • Talmon
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Solution_based_Brief_Therapy___DeShazer___Kim_Berg -...

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