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CNE 564 Spring 05 Exam II 150 total points Chapter 10 Page 207-208 See Large group exercises at the bottom of page 207 1. Complete Number 1: Analyze the statement of feelings according to each of the eight dimensions discussed previously in this chapter, answer the question, and identify 3 goals as stated under the case study of Roberto. Pg 209 Individual Exercises 2. Complete Number 1on page 209 Chapter 11Person-Centered Therapy Understanding Carl Roger’s person-centered counseling is essential. The theoretical concepts, goals, therapeutic alliance, and core therapeutic conditions provide the guidelines and tools needed to establish positive and growth-promoting relationships with clients. 3. For this chapter, prepare a study guide for use in understanding the important theoretical concepts, treatment use person-centered counseling, application, current use, application to client groups, strengths, and limitations (pages 211-227). Chapter 12 Existential therapy
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CNE_564_Spring_05_Exam_II_3_16_05 - CNE 564 Spring 05...

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