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Chinese Buddhist Temple-GWUA

Chinese Buddhist Temple-GWUA - be seated on cushions in the...

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Field trip details to the Mahayana [Chinese ] Buddhist Temple DATE : SUNDAY 3-2-08 TIMINGS : 10AM-2PM ADDRESS : Avatamsaka Vihara [Chinese Buddhist Temple] 9601 Seven Locks Road, Potomac MD 20817 Landmarks : The temple is located opposite a Catholic Church and Seven Locks Elementary School How to get there : Take the metro train to Grosvenor-Strathmore station [ Red Line ]. Board the Red line train at Farragut North station no later than 8:40AM to get to the temple on time. Catching the train at Farragut North avoids changing at Metro Center thereby reducing consequent train delays. Weekend metro train delays are notorious. Take a cab to the temple. Share the cab ride with fellow students to reduce costs. What to wear : Wear loose comfortable clothing as you’ll
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Unformatted text preview: be seated on cushions in the Buddha Hall. Wear slip on shoes as you’ll have to take your shoes off before entering the temple. You may keep your sox on if you so choose to. What to do in the temple : After taking-off your shoes, enter the temple. Members of the Chinese Buddhist community will welcome you in. Go into the Buddha Hall and be seated on the cushions on the floor. Observe the service. What to observe : Observe the main altar to see the historical Buddha being flanked on either side by the Bodhisattvas. Observe the rituals, liturgy and details of the service. Lunch : Lunch is optional. It is buffet style. Lunch is eaten with minimal talking. The food is a substantial Chinese vegetarian cuisine....
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