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Unformatted text preview: Course Overview Engineering Statistical Methods I 20-MINE-340 Ash Genaidy Course Objective To learn the fundamentals of statistical methodology to solve engineering problems. Topics Introduction to statistical methodology Sampling and measurement Descriptive statistics Probability distributions Statistical inference: estimation Statistical inference: significance tests Comparison of two groups Comparison of multiple groups Linear regression and correlation Fundamentals of probability Problems and case studies Introduction into statistical methodology Statistical Design Variables & measurement Methods of sampling •Simple random sampling •Stratified sampling •Planned experiments •Observational studies Statistical Analysis Descriptive Tabular & graphical forms Measures of central tendency Measures of variation Sample and population characteristics Inferential Probability Distribution Estimation and significance tests Applications to •Single sample •Comparison of two & multiple groups •Simple linear regression & correlation Course Description 20MINE340. Engineering Statistical Methods I. 3 ug. cr. Introduction to the fundamentals of statistical methodology to solve engineering problems. Topics include introduction to statistical design (methods of sampling including planned experiments and observational studies) and statistical analysis, including descriptive statistics (e.g., measures of central tendency and variation) and inferential statistics (applications to one, two and multiple groups; simple linear regression/correlation). 2 lec., 1 lab. Prereq:15MATH264 Course Evaluation Weekly quizzes Initiative 10 minutes, approximately 10 questions 20% Every Thursday, from 2nd week to 9th week, 8 quizzes Bring new ideas to improve the quality of learning in the 10% Attendance Class participation Final Exam Project classroom Individual or group initiative 15­minute presentation in Final week 10% 10% 25% 25% ...
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