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HEAT TRANSFER WITH PHASE CHANGE g T h A 3 2 g pL Gr ρ ∆ = µ 3 3 2 3 2 2 2 g T L 1 T L g L Gr g T β∆ ∆ρ ρ ρ∆ρ = = = ρ ∆ ν µ µ Phase Changes Boiling Condensation Vapor Liquid Melting Freezing Deposition (Condensation) Sublimation Liquid Vapor Solid Liquid Liquid Solid Solid Vapor Vapor Solid Vaporization Line Fusion line Sublimation line Moving-boundary problems ablation-type thermal protection, e.g., nose of space shuttle most important commonly encountered (examples) striking fluid mechanics effects extremely large heat-transfer coefficients latent heat of vaporization, h lg , is important Jakob number Ja = Cp is important 1
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2 (continued) Phase Changes Condensation
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