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Report-Writing Tips for Measurements Lab By Esra Roan 1. Abstract and Summary are not equivalent, so please write them accordingly. 2. Make sure to attach scanned and legible lab notes to your lab reports. In order to keep file sizes in the Digital Drop Box manageable, please scan at a low resolution in black and white. 3. Make sure to never refer to the results that are in the lab notes from the body of your report. 4. Always label figures and tables, and refer to them accordingly. Figures and tables must be near the sentence that refers to them; specifically not more than a few paragraphs after the sentence. 5. Do not repeat sentences within one report and from report to report. Having the same abstract for different reports is not acceptable. Each group must prepare an individual report. 6. Always make sure to include correct units in your reports. 7. Let one of your team members proof-read the report before you turn it in to Digital Drop Box. 8. The file names should be in the
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Unformatted text preview: following format: LabNumber_Lastname1Initial2_Lastname2Initial2. For example; 1_SmithA_JacksonD_NolanF is an acceptable report filename. Make sure to notify your TA in case your turn in more than one report by mistake or you just want to update your report before the due date. 9. The lab reports are due one week from the day of your lab time. Please make sure to turn them in before 5:00 pm on the day of your lab. 10. Always remember that we are trying to give the highest grades we can on any report or paragraph within a report. Please write your reports in a concise manner without extra wording. Try to explain your results the best as you can in your own words. If your answers are not correct, but the procedure is correct, we will try assign almost the full grade to a well-written paragraph. 11. You will find red, green, and yellow marking in your reports with suggestions. Red means the most critical errors whereas green means the least critical and yellow in the middle....
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