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11 1 1 oi i i VA V B I I CV DI =+ 22 2 2 i i I AV BI I CV DI Two Port Systems In order to model complicated electrical networks, control systems, etc., it is convenient to break the system down into components which have a number of inputs and outputs. A two port system is one which has two inputs and two outputs. A two port system is a good system to use to describe electrical networks since a typical component could have both voltage and current as inputs and outputs. In the more general case the inputs could be voltage and current and the outputs could be force and displacement for an actuator (exciter, speaker, etc.). The component could be internally very complicated but if it is a linear system then the relations between the inputs and outputs can be described in terms of a simple matrix equation which relates the inputs to the outputs as follows: (1) V I AB CD V I i i 0 0 R S T U V W = L N M O Q P R S T U V W Where V i and I i are the inputs and V o and I o are the outputs.
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