AmerLitessay1 - Unquestionably there is ample suggestion of...

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Unquestionably there is ample suggestion of the narrator’s madness; one can scarcely get past the opening sentence in the monologue without notice of it. “The Tell-Tale Heart” opens with the narrator speaking of his recent illness, he states “True! – nervous- very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am: but why will you say I am mad?” (para 1). He further states that this “disease” he has suffered has not weakened his senses, but has instead “sharpened” them, most especially his sense of sound. While the reader can look to these expressions as proof of his lunacy, the reader should also reflect on the fact that the narrator presupposes we will find him to be mad, almost as if he is luring us to these conclusions. Perhaps his nervousness and his delusions of heightened senses that have given him the ability to “hear all thing in heaven and in the earth and many things in hell” (para 1) are indeed evidence of some mental breakdown he has suffered. On the other hand, one must consider that the narrator, within the very first line of the monologue, has planted this seed in the reader’s mind, and this seed will bud and grow as he recounts the details of his diabolical act. Should this presupposition simply be seen as further evidence of his madness, as an ever increasing paranoia brought on by his psychosis, or is he instead very cleverly leading us to believe precisely what he wants us to? In paragraphs two and three, after once more leading the reader, “Now this is the point.
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AmerLitessay1 - Unquestionably there is ample suggestion of...

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